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**Project Goal**: Enhance curb appeal of the rental property on a limited budget


The property in question was struggling to attract tenants due to its lackluster curb appeal. The owner recognized the need to make cost-effective improvements to boost its desirability and rental income.


1. Limited Budget: This is an income property.

2. Fast Turnaround: The owner requested a quick turnaround to minimize tenant disruption.


To address these challenges, the following steps were taken:

**1. Assessment and Planning**:

   - A thorough assessment of the property was conducted to identify areas that needed attention, what materials could be repurposed and what should be removed. 

   - Prioritization of high-impact, low-cost improvements was crucial. Fencing, irrigation, and landscaping would be needed.

**2. Landscape Redesign**:

   - The existing overgrown and unkempt landscape was transformed. This included removing dead plants and trimming existing ones.

   - A simple yet appealing landscape design was created, incorporating low-maintenance plants and black basalt rock beds.

   - A small, budget-friendly brick border was added to define planting areas.

**3. Weekly Maintenance, Pest Control, and Fertilizer Weed Control**:

   - To ensure the improvements remained attractive, a weekly maintenance schedule of mowing, edging, and blowing was established.

   - Pest Control services, and fertilizer and weed control programs were added at an affordable rate to address any potential issues and maintain the health of the newly planted lawn. 


The low-budget, high-impact landscape renovation had a dramatic effect on the property's curb appeal. The following outcomes were observed:

1. Increased Tenant Interest: The renovated property quickly attracted potential tenants due to its improved appearance.

2. Reduced Vacancy Period: The owner was able to fill the rental unit faster than expected, minimizing vacancy-related expenses.

3. Higher Rental Income: The property's increased desirability allowed the owner to charge a higher monthly rent, improving their ROI.


This case study highlights the successful execution of a low-budget, high-impact landscape renovation for any home or income property. By focusing on cost-effective improvements that enhanced curb appeal and implementing a regular maintenance schedule, the owner achieved their goal of attracting tenants quickly and increasing their rental income. This case demonstrates how even with limited resources, property owners can make significant improvements to their properties and improve their investment returns.

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