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Shrub Bed Weed Control

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Spokane Shrub Bed Weed Control Solutions

Fertilizer and weed control may be the most widely known service, but it is far from our best. Our Shrub Bed Weed Control Program is second to none. After your initial spring cleanup is completed, we apply an application of Pre Emergent. Essentially this is like a blanket that is applied over the top of your plants and flowers, creating a barrier that weed seeds can not penetrate. This barrier will degrade over time though, with foot traffic, animals, and mother nature, eventually, the barrier can be penetrated, that is why we come back every 6-8 weeks to check on things and do any "touchup" sprays that may be needed to ensure you have a 100% weed free landscape, guaranteed!

Vegetation Management Program

With our Vegetation Management Program, our initial treatment will be what is known as a "Pre Emergent". This is just fancy talk for; before the weed grows. This application will prevent the weed seed from germinating, stopping weeds before you ever see them!

This program included 1 Pre Emergent Application and x4 Follow Up Applications over the extent of the season. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to reach out to our team.