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Sprinklers & Irrigation

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Spokane Sprinkler Repair & Installation

Sick and tired of dragging hundreds of feet of garden hose all over the back yard? Still have brown spots in the far back corner? Tired of the dog eating your garden hoses as soon as your replace them? We can help! We don't just offer Lawn Mowing Service, Fertilizer and Weed Control Services, and Pest Control in Spokane, WA. We do much more.

No matter what your sprinkler or irrigation problem is, we have a solution! From a simple broken sprinkler head to a cracked back-flow preventer from the harsh winter, we can do it all! Are you in need of a completely new sprinkler system and have no idea where to start? Give us a call and allow our team to formulate the right solution for your sprinkler or irrigation nightmare! 

  • ​Sprinkler Turn On's and Inspections
  • ​Sprinkler Head Repair
  • ​Back-flow Preventer Repair or Replacement
  • ​Pressure Vacuum Breaker Repair or Replacement
  • ​Seasonal Irrigation / Sprinkler Adjustments
  • Wifi Clock Installation
  • ​Sprinkler Blowout / Winterization
  • Drip-line Installation
  • Drip-line Addition
  • Irrigation Revamp and Additions
  • ​Complete Sprinkler and Irrigation Design and Installation